Secure HTTPS

Secure Websites

Google and other major internet players are moving towards fully secured internet connections.  You can recognise these on your browser by the “https://” form of address and maybe a little green padlock or similar.  This is great news for your customers who will be able to… Read More »Secure Websites



I specialise in WordPress sites, focusing on the full feature list of this content management system as well as extending with standard and custom plugins.


Linux hosting provides a secure and efficient means of running your website.  We use only Data Centres that are UK based. You can be sure of data security and 24/7 support of these hosting services.  This ensures maximum availabilty and ongoing efficiency of the service.


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation are techniques to improve your ranking on Search Engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.


We can offer a number of solutions for e-commerce using open source frameworks and web applications giving your business an extremely cost effective means to sell on-line goods and services. We use packages such as WooCommerce or even simple PayPal buttons to display your goods… Read More »E-Commerce


All our hosting incorporates email facilities with unlimited email accounts on your domain(s). Really! This is unlimited. So you can set up specific email addresses like or and these all have private mailboxes, redirection and forwarding rules. These are available using standard office… Read More »Email

Domain Names

We can register your domain name and provide hosting from as little as £30.00 per year. Already have a domain name? Pre-paid web space? No problem – we discuss your particular needs up front. Domain names are the pieces of information that identify a web… Read More »Domain Names